Sunday, April 29, 2007

And now you've got me thinking about
The first time that I met you
Standing in a crowded room
But I could only see you
And I hope my words will get through
Because now I cant forget you
I want to tell you, if only I could reach you
And make you feel this way

Well, what if all she wanted was you? "Too late"
Shes too far gone, she doesnt wanna be found
She packed her bags and ran away
Shes probably dead by this day
Too many pills with too much drink
She killed herself by fainting
And hitting her head on that bathroom sink.

But it's funny, 'cos you never forget.
You never forget the look in his eyes.
It still haunts my dreams sometimes.

I know it's going to keep hurting me,
but for some reason I always come back to you.

&i don't wanna see you anymore
i'm just not that strong
i love it when you're here
but i'm better when you're gone

i had to choke back tears
when you said you were okay with this.

&i want to forget about you
i wish i could just be friends with you
but every time i hear your name
i still feel a little something i just can't let go of

but everywhere i turn i see your face
i've been waiting for you to come home
cause i don't want to be alone
i still love you.

a heart breaking isn't always
as loud as a bomb exploding.
sometimes it can be as quiet
as a feather falling
and the most painful thing is,
no one really hears it...
except for you.

i lost a piece of me in you.
i think i left it in your arms.
i forget the reasons i got scared,
but i remember i cared quite a lot.

&&when it all goes to hell,
will you be able to tell me
your sorry with a straight face?

you just dont get it do you?
you really dont understand that i'm not over you.
i never was over you.
this girl who's normally so strong.
is falling to pieces, without you even realizing it.

Sometimes, someone can
mean so much to you,
not even the truth
can change your mind.

Would you just say something, please just anything?
Because I can't stand that look on your face.
We're in over our heads, we're in over our heads he said.

he whispered the words that i'll miss
you left the note outside the door,
that said i'll be back sometime before our hearts grow cold.

This love secrecy is killing me.

ignoring what we've felt,
overlooking what we've done.
no awkward silences, no hiding any truths.

I know the way you look at her,
and I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt.

And she said she was over him
And she said she was over
And she said she was
And she said she
And she said
And she...
is a liar

you don't need to be together
to get your heart broken.

&& doesn't it hurt seeing him in the hallway
but having to pretend you don't see him?

i met you
my life was fine
you weren`t in my head
destroying my mind
but you came on strong
& i wanted more
a feeling that i never
felt before ..
what was i to do
you finally came
i don`t want this ever to end ..
but then you ran away.

Alone? I'm beside you.
Afraid? I'll comfort you.
Need a hug? My arms are yours.
Hurt? You can cry on my shoulder
I don't promise to solve your problems
but at least I'll cry with you.
Why? Simply because I care.

I wish I had that clever line.
The one that begs you to hang on.

These blue eyes are so contagious.
right now, i fell like moving in on you.
I'm restless are you restless?

&& you don't know me like you used to;
You stopped listening the moment I needed you most.

She screams back at him, wondering
how an innocent conversation turned into a raging fight.
"you never cared" she said, as the tears
fell harder and the distance between
their hearts grew farther.

The way I feel about you is like finding nemo
nemo disappears and his dad loves him
so much he goes looking for him, well I lost
you and I love you so much that I'm never
going to give up, because one day I know
I will find you again.

& I know he's my best friend
when he knows by the sound of my voice,
by the look on my face, by the way i walk,
by the things i do, exactly what kind of a day i'm having.

& i honestly don't think i could ever find
anyone quite like you.
I can be anything with you:
dirty, sweet, innocent, funny, smart,
and you let me.
No one else does that...
i know i'm in love <3

It's the moments we laugh so hard, we almost cry.
It's the way we look at each other
and know exactly what's going through each other's head.
It's those stupid pictures and the jokes.
Those are the reasons why we are best friends.

He has the most gorgeous eyes you could ever
fall for and the cutest smile that takes your
breath away... He has the ability to make you
laugh every time he speaks and when you look
into his eyes its hard to turn away.

The greatest thing in life is finding someone ..
who knows all your mistakes, and weaknesses
&& still find you completely amazing.

& baby when you kiss me...i melt.

You meet someone,
and you just click. You have
the same ideas about life. You don't even have
to finish your sentences, because the person already
knows what you mean.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

"After His Orgasm"