Friday, July 31, 2009

090730 Suju's Kiss the Radio: 2NE1

Mini Star

Kim Hyun Joong Shooting for MVIO (winter season)

31st July Music Bank

'LETS PLAY' !!!!!!!!!!!!!
3rd consecutive #1 on K Chart!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to 2NE1 !!!!!!!!!!! Who says YG's girls group never last?
HERE COMES 2NE1 !!!!!!!!!!!!
They won Snsd by 3000+points~ Last week was by 7. WHOA!
I still feel that Snsd members secretly hates 2NE1 ! Lol :x

Their music, clothes, they themselves AMAZE me every each time♥ Minzi..... zomg her talents hides in her age. Love it when CL sings, 'Bad girl', 'Loser' and '꺼져' (get lost) !!!

A little shaky in the opening but it was good till the end :) Kara girls look so skinny !!

I just wanna think about~
Love their new style, their new music, their new dance moves~
They look fab ! & LOL to the ajusshi's cheers.


Wanna Play was lipsynced and 2/3 of Lies look very much lipsycned.
2 girls look THE SAME and I dislike one of them! She keeps winking and sorry thats not attractive at all! The short member really damn short sial. FAIL

The girls look like they had hell lots of fun at the bridge part~
Glad to see Taeyeon back healthily~ and I love Sooyoung's legs !!!

I think I like Jonghun more than Hongki now.......... guitar and him...

《 》

SCREEN vol.306

Ksuperstar !

Kim Joon's Mnet Scandal

Family Outing BTS

Big Bang - Mnet YG Live TV 072909

Live Mnet performance; Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra + Candy Man

090729 MNET Big Bang - Gara gara go

Allure August

Thursday, July 30, 2009

090730 2NE1 on Sukira radio

2NE1 - In the Club on DongGoDongRak Radio

090730 M Countdown - T-ara Hot Debut

They lipsynced.

The Accidental Couple / That Fool 그바보

Probably the fastest I ever spent on a Kdrama. Took about 3 days to complete this 16 episodes drama! 16 episodes is seriously not enough, not enough !!!

Kim Ah Joong look beautiful in this and Hwang Jung Min is a perfect cast for his role, Goo Dong Baek... he is just so damn innocent and good in his way. Such guys only exists in dramas, yes.

10/10 stars! MUST WATCH 2009 Drama after BOF !

Baek Sung Hyun as Ji Soo's dongsaeng, Sang Chul !
Omo! Eyecandy........ !!! And a plus point, he is damn good at acting! He cried in almost all episodes. The type of crying when you are filled with anger!