Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Accidental Couple / That Fool 그바보

Probably the fastest I ever spent on a Kdrama. Took about 3 days to complete this 16 episodes drama! 16 episodes is seriously not enough, not enough !!!

Kim Ah Joong look beautiful in this and Hwang Jung Min is a perfect cast for his role, Goo Dong Baek... he is just so damn innocent and good in his way. Such guys only exists in dramas, yes.

10/10 stars! MUST WATCH 2009 Drama after BOF !

Baek Sung Hyun as Ji Soo's dongsaeng, Sang Chul !
Omo! Eyecandy........ !!! And a plus point, he is damn good at acting! He cried in almost all episodes. The type of crying when you are filled with anger!