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婚前試愛 Marriage with a liar

Been so long since I last wrote a review for a movie.

Okay I am so bored now. I RAN OUT OF SHOWS TO WATCH.
What the hell right.

Since 7 out of 9 American dramas I'm watching are on hold now~ and no current k/jdrama to keep me excited..... life is boring.

So I watched this HK movie! I don't watch Hk movies... mostly just their dramas..(addictive btw)
I thought it'd be all just sex sex sex judging by the title... but no! The storyline is pretty interesting?
About cheaters. I'm a cheater irl(ha), thus I understand. LOL

......and male lead is so handsome! Seen him in like most of his dramas appearances and liked him, but this movie.... his body is just sex.

photos super nsfw
tried looking for not so porno~ looking ones already, but you all try google image search the title! all the photos like that -_-'''''''

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W Korea : Big Bang


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