Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MBC Awards Show eng subs

Please date for real WGM Season 1 couples.. :(

Hyun Joong @ Red carpet :

Joongbo Award Presentation, Brand of the Year Interview, Best Couple Speech

We Got Married Couples Performances

Anbi @ Red carpet :

Anbi on a children's show.

Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang receive honours from Ministry of Culture and Tourism & 1TYM Teddy first ever joint stage with TaeYang.


2 of the biggest Kpop groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang has been presented the commendatory award by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki has been selected as excellent entertainers who had contributed to the entertainment realm during the year 2008. Every year the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will select from people who had contributed to the cultural industry.

Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang are 2 of the groups who have had their activities outside Korea in other Southeast Asian countries including Japan. They have attained great results outside Korea, and can be said to be the 2 icon representatives of Korea’s popular music realm.”

“… The 2 teams have not only achieved best-selling results for their music albums and singles in Korea, they have also received much spotlight in other countries for their music. Their popularity in other countries are earning them more recognition as Asia’s best groups.”

“… The groups have not only got the charm, dance and also song power, they also venture into other areas like producing, lyrics and taking part in song compositions.”


1TYM Teddy first ever joint stage with TaeYang


Hip hop group 1TYM member Teddy will have this comeback stage after 1 year.

Teddy will be performing for TaeYang’s solo stage on 31st for MBC Gayo DaeJeon.

TaeYang will be performing ‘Look Only At Me’, ‘Prayer’ and ‘Ma Girl’ for his special stage on 31st December. And Teddy will be performing for the rap of song ‘Prayer’.

A YG representative said, “It is a shame that Teddy could perform for TaeYang‘ solo concert previously. Fans are looking forward to the first ever joint stage between the 2.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang will also be performing on a special stage with ‘Kid Big Bang‘, their kid lookalikes, today.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

KBS Song Festival 30th Dec

MBC TML!!!!! Whooo!!!

Diva Show

Big Bang - Sunset Glow with Lee Moon Sae
Everybody knows this song! Heeee even Rain sang along with everybody~

Full Opening Song

WonderBang Opening Stage :

Big Bang - Haru Haru (Orchestra ver)
All of them look so charming! But Bong's hair looked weird :\

Son Dam Bi - Crazy

Rain - Magic + Rainism

WonderGirls - Nobody

Jewelry - One More Time

Mamamia's performance :

Rehearsal pics :

Thanks to | mydaily | Net to News | Hankyung | Starnews | YonHap News | 건의사항

Hong Gi is a human too.

On many homepages.. HongGi's entry was titled
"HongGi’s Mistake on SBS Gayo Daejun 2008"

For me.. its different.
Come on, Ft Island just finished their concert and there are still many activities pilling up in Japan for them next year.
Furthermore Ft Island is a band and Lee Hong Gi is the main vocalist. He is only person singing 4/5 of the songs.

And the performance at Gayo Festival last night was a replacement for Lee Hyori which means they practiced it last minute.

FT Island’s lead vocalist, Lee HongGi, lost his voice during their performance on SBS Gayo Daejun 2008 held last night. They performed 3 consecutive songs from their album namely: After Love, Girls don't know and Heaven. Due to their year-end scheduule and their concert entitled “Rock Prince”, Hongki wasn’t able to perform well. A statement that was released from their agency, FNC Entertainment, said that Lee Hongki is also embarassed for his performance and that he is now in the hospital due to his strained throat. He will be discharged on January 1.

Due to this incident, the most searched keyword in today is “Hongki’s Mistake.” Netizens are giving negative comments about it saying that they lack professionalism. However, Primadonnas are giving counter statements that they believe they tried their very best inspite of all the difficulties they’re encountering.

FT Island fighting!


WGM Ep 40 Preview part ONE

[Eng Subbed] 081228 WGM HwanHee & Hwayobi Ep40 1/2

[Eng Subbed] 081228 WGM HwanHee & Hwayobi Ep40 2/2

081229 MBC Entertainment Awards (환희) HwanHee & (화요비) Hwayobi- Endless Lov

HwanYobi :
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Yobi cooking

Look at his smile.. priceless

Hwanhee and Yobi dancing to U go girl

Ant couple last episode :


Marbi :
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KangJi :
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More JoongBo @ Award show

Hyun Joong looked so cooold today

Credit : DCInside, Coolsmurf, Soompi.