Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04.20.09 Arirang TV: SBS Hope Photoshoot Subbed

Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards 2009: Best Male award

Narration: Korea’s kids choice awards. The best male singer Bigbang!
SR: Bigbang~ We’ve been voted as the best male singer. I heard that many people voted for us. This is a very new feeling and I’m also very happy too:) How do you feel?
GD: I’m very happy that we’ve received this wonderful award even though we’re currently resting our album promotions; and I think this’ll be another reason to work hard.
YB: And also last year we’ve received the award from Kids Choice awards, thank you for giving us one this year too. Bigbang’ll work even harder this year.
TOP: We’ll work hard and bring out better music and performances so we can receive this award again next year.
DS: We’ll be the Bigbang that will never let you down. We’ll work hard!
SR: I hope next time we meet, we’ll meet because of a good reason like this. Until now was Big~
Everyone: Bang!

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