Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Absolute Boyfriend SP

I remember crying HARDCORELY for Absolute Boyfriend 1 year ago.

Absolute Boyfriend is the only Jdrama I ever cried that much........
now the thought of it kills.

Imagine crying over a robot.. lol.

Ok now the SP!
Thought it would be recaps for 2/3 of it!
Unexpectedly.. no recaps at all! 2 hours long!
Its like a movie for it.

The plot is okay.. but kinda meaningless since everything went back to square 1 at the ending :\

If this SP came out right after I watched the last ep..... I can imagine myself crying one bucket of tears!

Anyone humming Okaeri now? o.O
Now Absolute Boyfriend reminds me how Hiro Mizushima and Ayaka got to know each other through this drama :\ and how they started dating and now that they are married.............

Argh....... why so handsome yet so early get married!!!!!!!!!!!!