Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hwang-bo betrays Kim Hyun-joong!

WHAT BUIN???????????????

Please don't even think this way...
hopefully this is all for the ratings... nothing is like this.......... :(

Eun Hyuk is good. He is my favourite member in Suju..

Shinlang is SO MUCH better pleeeezzzzeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Please don't break my WGM love just like what Shin Ae and Hwayobi did.

Hwang-bo, the recent TV wife of Kim Hyun-Joong, in the variety show ‘We Got Married’ seems to have moved on already!

Recently, Super Junior members Eun-Hyuk, Shin-Dong and Sung-Min made a guest appearance on ‘MBC Everyone-Infinity Girls’, the female knock-off version of ‘Infinity Challenge’. On this episode, Baek Bo-ram revealed, “The day before the taping, Hwang-bo sent me a text which read, ‘Eun Hyuk is mine’.” And that wasn’t all. Comedian Shin Bong-sun also put Hwang-bo on the hot-seat by saying, “recently when Hwang-bo was drunk she told me that she liked Eun-hyuk”.

Poor Kim Hyun-joong. He lost his “nuna” to the supposed “casanova” elf of Super Junior! Oh well, for you Eun-Hyuk fans out there check out the episode which airs on the 17th to find out who gets to smoochie smooch with Eun-Hyuk.

Source: Popseoul