Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Japan 2nd Album {All My Love} releasing in 13th May 2009

Japan 2nd Album ~ releasing in 13th May 2009

Track List
Track 1> メッセージ (Message)
Track 2> Mermaid...
Track 3> I WANT YOU
Ttrack 5> Get along
Track 6> Promise to Promise
Track 7> Believe in Love
Track 8> Let's Break Away
Track 9> Time of Destiny
Track10> LOVERS
Track11> 浅い夢の果て (end of shallow dream)
Track12> トラベラーグライダー (traveler glider)
Track13> All My Love

[note] "All My Love is an acappella song

Credit : PonyCanyon JP + Kim + Quainte