Saturday, April 18, 2009

Younha - 1 2 3 @ M CountDown

Younha is one of the best vocal female solo singers in Korea.. to me at least :)
I personally feel that the good female Korean singers are Baekjiyoung, Younha, Taeyeon and Gummy :)

I love Younha's music.. old ones and new ones.
I like how she is able to sing different ranges of music.

Her 2nd album, Someday rocks! Not just a few songs.. but the entire album!

Damn.. she is good in Japan too! With 8 singles and 2 albums released in Japan!
She speaks in fluent Korean, Japanese and English!!!!!! Gosh she is good ^.^

Watch her comeback @ M Countdown!
So sweet and lovely. AHHHH the amount of balloons!

Oh baby 1, 2, 3 You & Me 두근두근 너와 나 !!!!

123's MV