Wednesday, May 06, 2009

红星大奖 2009


Wah lao! I cried while watching the first award!
Because 周初明 won! Ah........ My mum kept telling me about his health.
周初明 fighting!!!!!!!!! So sad to hear about his illness T_T

小娘惹 won SO MANY AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!
小娘惹 is like my favourite drama of Mediacorp.......... forget about the 100+ dramas I watched since I was a kid.

I remember completing 20+ episodes of 小娘惹 in less than a week.
First time so hardcore for a local drama.......
I don't even watch my tv. I only on it to create noise. And its never Mediacorp channels. (yay to MTV, KBSWorld and Arriang!)

I only watch Mediacorp dramas after asking if its good.. and I download them. LOL

PS : I feel damn sad for her!!!!!!!!
I like this song a lot! The theme song for 小娘惹!
Its like...... erm.. you can hear noisy background sounds! Just imagine it. Many people probably were walking around, talking to each other. Omg why so rude!

Olivia Ong - 如燕