Monday, May 04, 2009

"High Cut Peeping Diary" Curious, about "Jihoo-sunbae's" bag

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(Clockwise direction, from top left:
Watch - Stainless steel. Watch face processed through smoke gold-plating. Masculine watch. Handsome chronograph function)

Haptic 2 - Handphone that Kim Hyun Jong bought himself

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 - Containing Squalane and vitamin oils, a lip balm that's very effective. 11000won.

Leather bracelet - Vintage bracelet bought in Japan)

The haptic2 phone that the group's leader "Jihoo-sunbae" bought for himself is now revealed. What attracts everyone's attention is, sponsorship is a common occurrence in the entertainment industry, but as the model for Samsung's Anycall, Kim Hyun Jong really used his own money to buy the phone (!). Kim Hyung Jun's huge camera and stylish LV sunglasses are also in the bag. Worth mentioning also is the moisturizer for women, which is gentler and whitens the skin more as compared to men's products, which tends to be more rough on the skin.

There's only a 10000 note folded into the shape of a t-shirt in the wallet. All the members have it. Kim Kyu Jong explains, "Money and luck will come if we do this."

Apart from this, there's also Park Jung Min's 2 year old 80GB iPod, which sounds as if your ears are damaged, and Heo Young Saeng's iPod, which he uses with great care as it was a gift from a member of the fan club, all these will be seen in "High Cut No. 4"'s "SS501"'s story within their bags.

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