Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Shuffle ラブシャッフル

Ahhh this is like one of my top Jdramas now!!!!!!
Its surprising how the recent Jdramas I watched are this goooooooooooood.

He look DAMN handsome in this! Compared to Hanadangoyori and Liargame!

I initially thought they would end up with the original couples....... ok the ending is kinda surprising.

I should be touched by Kei-Aiai couple most but I didn't! I totally melted at Ojiro-Kairi kissing scene. OMG DAMN CUTE PLEASE! Ojiro purposely laid his suitcase to make the short Kairi stand on it just to fit the height for him to kiss her. OH MY................. the only romantic thing that could happen in dramas.. and only dramas.

There are a lot of Japanese term words in this drama~ Luckily there are notes when it was mentioned or else non Japanese people would be damn confused~

ok for now...
say.. PANDA!

PS : When they kept saying, "Love love love shuffle!" in the first few eps.. it felt like as if they were trying hard to promote the drama. LOL