Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Perfect Smile

My prince should do a toothpaste cf!

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Perfect man Kim Hyun Joong has been viewed by his fans as perfect smiling prince!

Recently, at Kim Hyun Joong's website, many fans left messages listing out areas which they find Hyun Joong attractive, and the majority of them agreed that his smile is near perfect. At the same time, this view is also shared by many plastic surgeons. Choi Hyun-ho, a plasitc surgeon who had helped many artists undergo dental surgery, commented that Hyun Joong's smile is the most perfect among F4.

Hyun Joong's teeth are very neat and aligned, giving a feeling of elegance. In addition to his perfect teeth, his attractive lips when he smiles allow people not to resist his charms.

Hyun Joong's role in the drama Boys Over Flowers with a prince image further enhances the power of his smile. After the broadcasting of Boys Over Flowers, many audience of all ages, both men and women, went to dental centre to seek orthodontic correction so as to achieve the 'Hyun Joong' smile.

Also, recently, people are enthusiastically setting Hyun Joong as a role model, hoping to increase their own charms. In fact, young people are not the only one crazy about Hyun Joong. The elders too have a very good impression on hyun Joong, and comment that Hyun Joong is the most filial and obediant celebrity. Actually, the sudden Hyun Joong craze is mainly due to his impregnable warm smiling face.

After filming the drama, Boys Over Flowers, Hyun joong is busy with the filming photography advertisements. While enjoying his fame of being popular, he is currently prepraing to return as a singer and bring better works for everyone.

Credits: 601.com -->(chinese subs) JULIEANN@hyunjoongchina.com ---> (english subs) ss501always@quainte501.com