Friday, June 19, 2009

18th June M Countdown

Lady Gaga - Just Dance
She is just... weird.

4minute - Hot Issue
Not too bad for a debut performance...... but I seriously don't like the ex Wondergirls's member's voice......... so sharp and girly?
They need to practice more.

2NE1 - Fire
I keep seeing Bong's shadow in CL and I DON'T LIKE that.
Don't Dara's hairstyle reminds you of Bong's old hairstyle?
Minzi is rocking the stage. Too power for her age and as a maknae.
Bom is getting better. Her awkwardness is fading.
And......... the zoom in scenes WERE EDITED. Just because I spotted Minzi's green monster object on her right hand in the zoom in scenes and not in the zoom out scenes. I wonder why.