Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just-married Shinae opens her blog to the public

On June 10, Shinae reopened her blog and posted new pictures taken with her cute, adorable dogs. She posted, “Happiness and being happy again” as the ‘theme’ of her blog, showing off her marriage bliss as she embarks on her new wedded life.

Currently, she lives with her husband and their 4 dogs. Apparently, Sinae received 3 of them as wedding presents from the dog-shelter animal hospital’s director. Her husband whose health suffered from enteritis not too long ago, he loves their special dogs too, she said. Shinae wrote, “As our wedding gift, we got them from the animal hospital… now we have 3 more to take care of! He he he…”

Some of her fans dropped by and posted comments for Shinae, “Your dogs are too cute!”, “Unni, you look more relaxed after getting married, you must be happy.” “Please live happily ever after!” “You look soooo pretty!”

Credit : Jazzholic

PS : I feel like watching “That Fool” after reading Jazzholic.