Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lee Shi Young talks about her relationship with Junjin for the first time on YSMM2

Newcomer actress Lee Shi Young – who has become the talk of the town after they announced their relationship on 19th June – spoke about their relationship for the first time on SBS variety show Yashimmanman 2 (YSMM2).

According to a member of the YSMM2 production crew, Lee Shi Young was the guest for the episode of YSMM2 that was recorded on 18th June, and she talked candidly about her relationship with boyfriend Junjin.

Lee Shi Young was inundated with the MCs’ questions about the dating rumours that have surrounded them since April, and being at a loss she said, “It’s true that (Junjin) is someone I like very much”, indirectly putting their relationship into the open.

After this, the MCs fired a series of questions at her, such as “What do you like about Junjin? How long have you been seeing each other? Did Junjin give you any advice for your first appearance on YSMM2?”. Lee Shi Young answered the questions candidly and showed her special affections for Junjin.

When the MCs commented that the way she talks and her expressions are very similar to Junjin, Lee Shi Young said, “I often hear that I’m similar to Junjin”, surprising everyone present.

A source who watched the recording said, “Lee Shi Young is aware that she will be considerably affected after going public with the relationship today.”

Lee Shi Young and Junjin first met when they played a make-believe couple on MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’ from January to May this year, and had started dating about 3 months ago.

The episode of YSMM2 featuring Lee Shi Young will be aired on 29th June.