Saturday, June 27, 2009

Music Bank Special Stage 26th June 09

Girls & Boys Generation(2AM, 2PM, Super Junior & SHINee) - Gee

K-POP Idol Parade(Kara, SHINee, Girls Generation, 2PM)

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish
I think I am gonna fall for SNSD in this Genie promotion~
Love Sooyoung's new hair! Soooo refreshing!
And love maknae! She look so cute and sweet in this... I rmb how ugly she looked like in Kissing You days~

and fuckk... I WANT THEIR LEGS!
The leg dance is gonna be a hit.

Super Junior - It's You / Sorry Sorry
It aches me to see Sungmin standing at the side. This marks the end of Suju promotions in Korea! Gonna miss them and their sorrysorry/norago wave! Eunhyuk is the sex.

2NE1 - Umbrella
They rock this more than their usual Fire performances...... and it was actually rllllly raining! CL ftw with her expressions like alwayyyyys.

2NE1 - Fire
Hotter than usual with the special stage!
I like how CL paid respect to MJ in the intro.

K-Chart Accounts for the first half year 2009
I suck at this. I almost cried.