Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Junior - It's You - Sorry Sorry @ Sbs Inkigayo

All good things comes to an end.

Through SorrySorry and Norago promotions, I've grown fond of Suju so much. I can finally type their names all at once. I started watching old and new variety shows of them.


Hangeng's FIERCE opening was omfg.
Teukie wished Ryeowook happy birthday after his line! So sweet.
Chui-nim and his dorkyness.

Leeteuk, members blame him for increasing the average age of Suju. To me, he is always young at heart.
Eunhyuk, my favourite member for now. Love him for his dorky moments. His awkwardness with Chul-nim. And his heart dance.
Heechul, I don't care if he is gay. I don't care if he is a netizen or a singer because to me, he is the most unique artist ever.
Siwon, Mr gesture. Mr Charisma. He is handsome like anything. He charms females or even males WORLDWIDE.
Yesung, I love your new hair dye and I think your eyes look slyly.
Donghae, gosh...... how can a boy ever look even prettier than a girl. And boy, it really broke my heart when I watched the video of you talking about your dad, and I cried along too T_T
Hangeng, I didn't find him attractive at all. But now.. I must say he is really one of a kind. His glares totally attracted me.
Kyuhyun, the cutest maknae. The younger Kim-gura version. HAHA. Its amazing how someone as cute as him can also be harsh like Kim-gura.
Ryeowook, though he is older than me, I feel that he is like a little dongsaeng of mine. Makes me want to dote on him and feed him milk!
Sungmin, I like your old hair better! I rmb how you shot me with your awesome glares in SorrySorry performances!
Kangin, I am in love with this man's voice and I believe he will look even better if he slims down.
Kibum, got to know more of him in Fullhouse. His english is good and please come back to Suju ok!
Shindong, sorry I still don't see the charm :(