Monday, June 08, 2009

Super Junior - It's You

Teukiee wasn't supposed to smile/laugh at his part but he couldn't help it and that very part is just way toooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

oh and did Eunhyuk spread the poop pants virus to Shindong............ HAHA

090606 MBC Music Core

Mr Gesture once again showed his charisma and he is the best at it in Suju..... SIWON AH!
Teukie couldn't help but add the 0.5sec grin at the end, HAHA
I srsly love Eunhyuk more in Its You........... ahhhhhhh
I couldn't help but keep noticing Kpackages in this performance (haha only some of you get this)
Heechul had to add the 'Juliette' at the end....... whoa dead... and the screams, dead-er.

Super Junior - It's You @ Popular Song