Sunday, June 28, 2009

T-max's new album will be out on 9th of July

Kim Jun began to shoot the MV for his solo on June 25th. T- Max's new album will be out at 9th of July together with Kim Jun's solo. Hyun Bin will be guest starring in Kim Jun's solo MV.

Because of the MV, Kim Jun danced vigorously with a bunch of dancers. According to the MV script, the story is about Kim Jun attracted to a girl and leads to a fight scene. This character is much different than the Song Woo Bin character in BOF, and will be more powerful and manly.

According to Kim Jun, his character in the mv is an energetic and masculine image.

When the shooting was going on, Kim Hyun Joong specially visited Kim Jun to support him. But he ended up surrounded by a bunch of media.

The MV will be out on this 9th July together with T-Max album.

More photos from the shoot can be found here.