Saturday, July 04, 2009

Family Outing Ep 52

I never cried this hard ever since Ssangchu couple's farewell episode last year.

I cried like mad........ just now.
Okay my eyes are still wet now. Its the type of tearing+sneezing+coughing+overwhelmed sadness.

I rllllllly feel so damn upset after watching Family Outing Ep 52.
The first 10 seconds preview, each time they mention.. 'this is the last time' and the flashback and their tears.
Chunhee's clumsyness sums up FO. FO without him? Chores done neatly? No way. I want to see clumsyness. I want to see him washing radish with soap. No more stepmum+chunderella T_T
And Yejin. Who is gonna make that nasal voice? Who is gonna catch those live seafood and cook for the Family? And the new female member can never click with Hyori. NO. I SAY NO.
Yejin and Hyori are the best Family's sisters ever.

They mean a lot to FO, to Family members, to us viewers. I want them to come back to FO after their drama ends, please.