Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Bang TV - Episode 8 081909

This is like the BTS of Bong's album!!!!!!! Cannot wait for my copy and poster to arrive!!!!!!! AHHHH I want to see the full shoot of it!!!!!!!!!!

Kekeke Tabi the moodmaker is back!! Haha at him imitating Baby~

Dara look so serious because its Bong's 1st solo album!
Ahhhhhhhh Bong keeps imitating! Hahahaa.. CL's Go go go! And Bom's.. don't touch my headphones!!! I want that!!!!! Been to the site, its really cool to choose each color for the headset!!
Tabi hahahahaha he is so humorous... kekekek D-day curse! LOL Yb didn't though! I cannot wait for his album..

I am totally smiling from ear to ear watching this ep.. BBtv Ep 8 is filled with so much loveeeeeeee!!! GD!!!!!!!!!! He look so excited with the 'cat' camera effect! Kekeke

So funny! Bong bet 50 000won (about SGD55) that YB is gonna be the only one coming to his MV shoot! In the end, Tabi came too! HAHA and Tabi cursed SR and DS for not coming! He keeps cursing!!! kekekekeke I love their human side!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I need to see the ENTIRE photoshoot of Bong pleaszzzzzzzzeeeee

and Ga Ho is damn cute!!!!!!!!!! So small!!!.... hehe he bit Bong's nose the night before his MV shoot so he couldn't sleep.. keke

Urgh.... skinship of Bong with CL and female dancers~~~~ T_T
Yg is so nice!!! He was like, "Ill buy you a dog Minzi"-- just because Minzi loves dogs!
President leh!!!! And he is not worried about Bong's solo album.. just because.. Bong is capable of handling everything ^^

Magazines shoots of Bong!!! Love bts stuff so much..
The girls' vacation!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooooo expensive tickets, and Bom's english! Cannot wait!