Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big Bang's 3rd year anniversary

I know. I know. I know.

Its been a hectic day........ online.
Full album. Mv. Plagiarizing. All the hype.

Despite all these shit. I believe true and loyal V.I.P.S are doing their jobs. Such as calling Warner Bros Korea.. which they already did. International V.I.P.S such as you and me.. we cannot do anything. I want to join in their campaign and do something but I know I cannot. With the language barrier and living in another country, its impossible. You know, I know, We know. All we can do now is to support G-dragon. I believe he is not one who would plagiarize. 8 out of 10 pop songs, there is definitely at least 1 sentence of similarity.. Why people pick only on Bong? Its very clear. People are jealous of him. 550 000 MV views in just a few hours. We all know clearly that Bong is true to his music and I believe he is having fun now celebrating his birthday. Lets cross our fingers and pray hard, VIPS :)

Now.. 19th August...
yes its Big Bang's 3rd year anniversary!

Forget everything okay!!!!! I shall try hard to! FIGHTING!!!!

Big bang picspam! :D

PS : You can get your copy of G-dragon's Heartbreaker album here! I am doing a mini spree for it :D

Entire picspam here

Teaser :