Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fans Fool Around with G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker' Album Cover

All I know is that I am gonna kiss this album cover when I receive it. LOL

credit: hle@ dcgd

Captain G-Sparrow:

credit: 지디갤러@ dcgd

credit: hle@ dcgd

Somebody really wanted to eat GD's face - Bread G-Dragon:

credit: 시망@ dcgd

credit: 슈이핫@ dcgd

Ice G-Dragon:

credit: 짜장셔틀@ dcgd


credit: 08180928@ dcgd

credit: 할123배@ dcgd

credit: 지독@ dcgd

credit: 씐나@ dcgd

credit: 쌀겨@ dcgd

G-Dragon making out with an apple heart:

credit: 둘@ dcgd

Glowing G-Dragon:

credit: 랩신@ dcgd

Four angles of cover:

Drowning G-Dragon:

credit: 88오리 @ dcgd

Source (ncly @ soompi)