Thursday, August 06, 2009

G-Dragon in 2NE1 TV: August 5th

"I go by the name of GD of Big Bang"

LOL! Thats what Bong said! 'The Leader'......... omgz collab with CL. I like CL. But I don't like CL/GD pairing!!!!!!!!!!! Just..... HAIYAAAAA I JEALOUS LAH.

Bong even said.. 'Oppa...' wah lao. He calls himself oppa when he said something about CL. AHHHHHHHHHHH

And Bong's unexpected imitations...... 'Don't touch my cosmetics, don't touch my health food' HAHA BOM

yeah yeah.. how much Bong dotes on the girls. Esp CL >>>>>>>> AHHHHHHHHHH overflowing jealousy in me naoooooooooo