Monday, August 31, 2009

LV SPONSORSHIP!!!!!!!! Korea's FIRST artist!!!!!!


CLAPS WTF AND THIS you're def 10점 만점에 10점 lovely.

After shooting his first solo stage he had a short meeting with the media and said, "I usually don't get nervous but today I did. It's been a long time since I've performed in Korea but when I saw my fans I got less nervous and enjoyed performing. I've prepared 3 months for the 'Heartbreaker' performance. In the past Bigbang performances I haven't showed much of my dancing so it may be a little weird to see me dancing but I'll try my best to show another side of myself. Many people like Yang Hyunsuk, Teddy, Kush, Taeyang etc. gave a lot of advice. Whenever there was stuff that I didn't know I asked Taeyang who had the solo experience. Its natural that I feel a lack of something after my performance; my first stage was delayed a lot so I think the expectancy dropped a little. However I will improve so the fans can look foward to my performances. If I had to mark my stage today I would give it a 4 out of 10."

*With G-Dragon has become a hot issue also in the fashion field with his comeback. There are tons of inquiry calls to his stylist and YG Entertainment about clothing sponsorship. Louis Vuitton has decided to do a clothing sponsorship only for GD (no one else in Korea is sponsored by Louis Vuitton). They have promised to sponsor him with Kanye West's limited edition shoes collection with no request for a photo shoot that companies usually ask for when they sponsor celebrities. 'W' magazine that had G-Dragon's photo shoot, they started negotiating last winter.

*About 1000 fans come to watch G-Dragon's solo debut stage at Inkigayo on Aug. 30 at SBS. There were too many fans so they let about 500 people in for each song. (Breathe + Heartbreaker)

*G-Dragon's first solo stage- Taeyang, Um Junghwa and 1TYM comes to support. Taeyang said, "G-Dragon's probably really nervous right now but no worries because I know he's good.". Um Junghwa said, "G-Dragon is probably in the best part of his life; I hope he enjoys this".

*G-Dragon said, "My favourite song in this album is 'Boy. For these solo album activities my goal isn't to become more popular, but is to show a more mature side of myself that I wasn't able to do in Bigbang. I have a lot of stories of myself in the album. A lot of people don't really take idol stars so seriously, but I hope they change their understanding of idol artists and realize that its not easy for us."

*Inkigayo hits 14.1% for the average audience share (best I've seen is around 12%)- probably because of GD's comeback stag

*G-Dragon hits 74,000 copies for his album sales at Hanteo Chart. Now also first for the Hanteo monthly chart and 9th for the yearly chart. Bigbang second for artist with the most album sales in a year a Hanteo with about 344,000 copies; G-Dragon is 14th.

*Selling the G-DRAGON 3D Paper doll at ygeshop. It's 3000won (approx $3) and you buy it online and can print the doll up to 3 times. (Buy it here-

*G-Dragon's solo album now has a 'bronze metal' at Cyworld meaning 300,000~600,000 songs sold in the album.

*G-Dragon is shooting 'Kim Jungeun's Chocolate' on Sept. 2.