Saturday, August 08, 2009

MBC Music Core 8th August

HAHAHA THE EPIC TROT INTRO... and Drummers always look lonely at the back :(

HJB! Aigoooooooo.. what is he doing. He is the maknae, the baby! I bet this is the girl he kissed at the concert. Tsktsk!

Taemin needs to eat more!

Lol. The special. Pat Bing Soo..... Singapore's Icekachang? Similar. LOL> the lyrics.. funny much.

And Ga In's legs look so shiny! I want her skin!!!!

Sarangsuwo!!! They sound so sweet in it!
And the colors in this video look SO DAMN glam and niceeeee

If they really sang this without lipsyncing. They are good.

Same thing. Fuck Hyunah. HAHA
LOL. And what Jungle version. Got difference meh.

Watched one of her movies and fell in love with her beauty ^^

Omg SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!
And Yoona dyed her hair black!!

Bye girls.. their last few performances~

SHINee's boys ^^