Friday, September 18, 2009

090912 Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival

I am finally watching this!!!

after.. erm 1 week since it aired?

lol !

Its always better to watch the entire full show than watching each performances on Youtube.
yeah I downloaded it~

and also today's Mnet Countdown.. ok no ytd's.. since its past midnight now.. I am done with dl-ing that too.

SHINee boys sounds amazing in Scar and I love Scar!

Younha love~
She is one of those female solo singers I love~
Her songs like Password 486, Gossip Boy, Someday, Luv U Luv U Luv U, My Song and.., 123 and Peace Love and Icecream~

Minwoo sucks. His broken voice here and his player image is totally ruining him.

rewatching this makes me screams, 'WHAT THE FUCK DID THIS BOY DID TO DESERVE ALL THESE SHIT?'

lol typical people.
So many of them stood up in SNSD's performance.

DAMN! Totally saving the best for the last!
........and I miss Suju performance on Korea's stages so much! ahhhhh the Sorry Sorry days.

h8 those TW's TV programs going gaga over Sorry Sorry. I mean, I like Sorry Sorry too.. but the way they mention it is LOW. They anyhow dance the dance, anyhow play the song, anyhow parodies it. Its a shame you know. I believe Suju already has a fanbase before TW fools with Sorry Sorry. Just like how crazy Singaporeans are over Wondergirls' Nobody............ when it was released one year ago _|_