Wednesday, September 02, 2009

2NE1TV episode 10 will be 2 hours


This show shall live forever ^.^
Best show from Mnet ever =D

On September 2nd's Mnet 2NE1TV, the 'Vacation stories' of the individual vacations that each member was sent on, will be revealed.

On this broadcast, while 2NE1TV has previously only been 1 hour long, this episode is planned to last two hours. Much anticipation is gathering. Of course it was expected to show the filming of Sandara's return to the Phillipines after so long, but each member's different vacation story has also been scheduled to be broadcasted.

Mnet 2NE1 TV representatives stated "On the show's homepage, many requests have come rushing in to increase the length of the show. So matching with the 10th episode, a broadcast that last 2 hours long has been planned to please the fans".

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