Tuesday, September 15, 2009

힘내야지 -- and I personally can't stop saddening.

seeing a cheerful and energetic person looking THAT depressed and trying THAT hard to smile is the most hurtful thing.. watching that Inkigayo ep Wooyoung and Taek hosted made me felt that them leaving the show was for their own good and fans should understand.

and now this... a fancam of Wooyoung telling Jay, 'Have strength'.

2PM's issue is never ending. Just when I stopped seeing news of them popping out. Here comes the new MV filming and wtf new member. Hottest never rest. For those who wants to let it go and stop thinking. News keeps popping out. People keep talking about it.

seriously.. yeah I know about their dreams and whatsoever.. but I would give them all up by saying out the truth behind Jay's issue and leave 2pm. Whats the use living in lies.

I miss those smiles