Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩 Ep 01 & 02

THIS DRAMA IS GOOD! (storyline wise and also the choosing of cast)
I admit I started watching this because of Yunho and the much hype about it!
............. but it definitely didn't disappoint me! Yunho was so cute in it!!!!!! Somehow it makes me believe that his true character is like that!!!

Not only Yunho's appearance of course. Yoonji is really down to earth in it! Like a version of Sooyoung ! And Go Ara as the female lead. Its my first time watching her acting.. I must say its good and she is really pretty!!!!!!!! *I wonder if her double eyelids are real...... lol :\

_|_ the ratings...... I thought cassies would try their best to raise the ratings by asking every single relative to watch it... omg its single digit okay! :(

Yunho's acting was rly good!!!!!!!!!! well except for the first few scenes, other than that, its all good!!!!

PS : Since Kdramas air twice per week. Its really good to watch that 2 episodes before they start airing new episodes the following week! In this case, I can stalk the thread without fearing to see spoilers.. though confirm chop got a lot stalker photos.. ohwell.. its Yunho ok !!!! Thus the quickness of this drama being subbed! Yunho and Heading To The Ground HWAITING!


Ep 01

Ep 02

Byul Yi is damn cute!!

Okay now I realized they did had A LOT skinship @ the conference! Omg and they look so good together!

DBSK's leader what. Power.
The gifts to HTTG open shooting 090831~

Relationship Chart~