Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jay, please come back. 7 - 1 = 0

Lets all hold hands and look at the bright side, Jay is gonna enjoy alcohol and life without busy schedule.. enjoy it with his friends and family.. he'd totally start swearing and enjoy life Jay.........

7 - 1 = 0

Because of a comment made 4 years ago, a American-Korean had to leave his career, his dreams, his members. Netizens even set up a poll wanting him to end his life. Now he decided to leave his dream, and go back to where he belong. Members sent him off.... Members shredded tears and even fainted. SO THIS IS WHAT YOU NETIZENS WANT FOR A MISTAKE 4 YEARS AGO? A MISTAKE A MINOR MADE 4 YEARS BACK? You've got what you want AND THIS IS FUCKING FUCKED UP.

I am not a Hottest. I am not a hardcore fan of them. BUT I AM FUCKING CRYING NOW.. even before I stepped in 2PM's Soompi thread which I am about to. fucking thread is GONE

Wooyoung broke down. He is heading to the hospital now. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FUCKING FEELS? Because of comments by netizens. NETIZENS = HIDING BEHIND THEIR COMP SAYING ALL THEY WANT and what not, now saying you understand him IS OF NO USE.

-Jay must be crying on the plane now.........

-I don't understand why they cannot be like foreigner fans
we comment we bitch we bash. but we don't bear grudges. we don't force someone to the end of their life. FUCK

-THOSE immature freaks must be feeling god damn guilty just like how that false rumor killed Choi Jin-sil.. THEY NEVER LEARN ARGH