Saturday, September 05, 2009

Music Bank's fancams : GD!

I thought Bong was lipsyncing to Heartbreaker before the start of Breathe due to Breathe's outfits.. but since he didn't perform straight away when Breathe's music started.. this surely means that its a fancam of him rehearsaling! He was giving this expressionless face throughout.. and when he smiled...... OMG SCREAMSSSSSSSSSS

OMG I think Bong bowed the 90degrees bow for more than 100 times here!!!!!!!!!!
and his 'Kamsahamida' and waves totally created MORE CHEERS~~~~~~~~~~~ VIPS FTW!!!!!


Digital Online Charts:
BEG 'Abracadabra': 5058
GD 'Heartbreaker' : 7353
2NE1 'I don't care': 3082

Viewer votes:
BEG 'Abracadabra': 1018
GD 'Heartbreaker' : 469
2NE1 'I don't care': 967

Album sales:
BEG 'Abracadabra': 521
GD 'Heartbreaker' : 13216
2NE1 'I don't care': 1712

# of times on air:
BEG 'Abracadabra': 1278
GD 'Heartbreaker' : 284
2NE1 'I don't care': 440

BEG 'Abracadabra': 7875
GD 'Heartbreaker' : 21322
2NE1 'I don't care': 6201

*G-Dragon tops Music Bank charts for two consecutive weeks. (Boy in 14th place);aid=0001996883

*Before announcing first place G-Dragon said, "Thank you for loving me as G-Dragon outside of Bigbang. I'm very nervous right now." After he received first place he said, "Thank you very much. I'll receive this award thinking that it means to work harder, which I will. Thank you to our YG family, Bigbang and our fans."

*Heartbreaker MV receives 5,000,000 clicks in 18 days at Gom TV. Average of about 300,000 clicks a day at Gom TV. He has also been nominated as the 'September Artist' at Gom TV.

*G-Dragon sells 90,000 copies of his first solo album. First on all online music charts except Bugs Music Charts. (Bugs music chart rankings are based more on the number of downloads so there is an advantage for the newer songs. The record for Bugs Music Chart is nine days, which SNSD's 'Tell me your wish' and 'Heartbreaker' is tied at)

*They announced during the Music Bank recording that they've just finished shooting another music video of GD's (don't know which one). They'll release it before the end of next week.

*"G-Dragon, Sandara Thank you!" Me2day grows rapidly because of the celebrity marketing. Me2day had more people register on the day G-Dragon started his Me2day than they've had in the past two years.

*G-Dragon on Inkigayo on Sept 6 @ 4PM. Only singing Heartbreaker.

*G-Dragon on 'Raise the Volume' on Sept. 6. Going to be on for 2 full hours (8-10PM) /Radio

*G-Dragon on 'Jung Sunhee's Love FM' on Sept 9 @ 12:20PM. /Radio

*G-Dragon releases many cyworld items celebrating his first solo album. Only sold until Nov. 30. (ex/ minimes, skins, miniroom items etc.)

During Kim Jungeun Chocolate recordings Lula's Go Youngook told a story about how he piggy back GD when GD was only seven years old. He said that "When I think of it now it was a glory". Then he looked straight at the camera saying "Mr.Kwon Jiyong, I respect you". (aired on Sept.5)*Lula was a really popular group in the 90s..and GD was in Little Lula when he was a kid*

Credit : Beau@bbvipz