Friday, September 11, 2009

Reason for boycott... and the real reason for Jay's leaving?

This is scariest shit ever if its true.

wtf la. then what about Jyp's 'nice' image....... WTF. I actually thought that he is a super action motherfucker before his Twitter tweets. Since he last time always tag around with Rain.. and in Rain's songs always got 'JYP'.. plus now.. he follows Wondergirls.. say nicely is WG's manager.. but srsly where got president follow their artist to world tours? SM also never follow dbsk !!!!! WTF LAH. IMAGE GONE.. My impression CHANGED a lot for him compared to last year.. but now this... OMG I CANNOT FORGIVE THIS FUCKERY UGLY PRESIDENT

What you are about to read now is a letter written by a Korean fan from Oneday-room webboard. We think you may understand the situation why K-Hottest resort to boycott JYPE better from reading this.

We 2PM-ONLINE do not hold responsible in convincing you to agree with their action nor asking you to believe in this letter. We have received a lot of requests from K-Hottest asking for international support but we could only be just one channel to update and inform news to 2PM fans. Please vote at the poll below should you agree or disagree with their boycott action.

(**Please note that the writer mention JYPE not JYP which is the company not Park Jin Young)

"I heard this from one of JYPE staff and this is not a rumor. If you misunderstand me, there’s nothing I can really do about it. But, please trust my words. I’ve got nothing to earn for spreading rumor. I’m active member in Hottest official cafe, onedayroom, and etc; and many people know me as well. I’m over 28 years old, I really have no intention or even time to create a rumor, if I do, and it'll be too embarrassing.

To tell you the conclusion first, Jay’s leaving was already decided by JYPE before he said it. It is true that Jay himself brought up the word of “leaving” However, JYPE made such situation, and cornered him to say it. They had one-by-one talk with each members of 2PM, and asked Jay what should we do, shouldn’t you be responsible for this; and they pushed him till he says “ok, I’ll leave”

The moment he said “I’ll leave”, none of JYPE staffs blocked him from that. Jay’s leaving won’t give much problem to JYPE Company, because they can simply just choose the other one from tones of their trainees.

But, what about Jay who has worked so hard for such long time. He had already done the recording for the next album which was to be released in October. It was JYPE who kicked Jay out of 2PM. It was not Jay’s decision at all although that’s how it was known through the press in Korea. In Korean Management Company, it is almost impossible for Jay to quit by himself. It has only been a year that he debuted as a singer; he has no power to do such thing. I do not understand why people give such big trust in JYPE.

JYPE is just another typical company where its first concern is business, and making a profit.
There are three solutions currently discussed at JYPE.
1. 2PM with 6 members
2. Bringing in new member
3. Combining one day (2AM+2PM)

2PM without Jay? No, it doesn’t make sense at all. Is it really right for JYPE to use him when he is needed, and kick him out when he is no longer wanted? Jay has worked so hard to reach where he is right now. How could they kick him out just because of the mistakes he made from years ago? Who was the one that brought Jay to Korea and to feel such lonely? It’s JYPE

There’s still 7 years of contract left between Jay and JYPE, but the contract is not cleared up yet. Thus, Jay can’t take any action because he’s still tied to JYPE. Someone’s life is getting ruined like this. I even get to think that JYPE took such a quick action about Jay’s incident because they were afraid public will blame them for their poor trainee management.

From the beginning, I didn’t think the last massage of Jay was written by Jay himself. But I believed this was Jay’s will and tried to respect his opinion. But, since now I know it was not his will at all, we need fast actions done by Hottest. I’m not saying we should hate and curse JYPE. It’s hard to change their plan now. We have to change JYPE’s thought.

Post-it, letter to JYPE, anything is fine. But we need quicker solution before the public forget all about Jay’s incident. Soon, Jay will be forgotten by media and public. We fans have to move before that happens. We cannot rely on JYPE. Please remember Jay’s leaving was JYPE’s will not Jay’s will. Jay is in the situation where even if he wants to comeback, he can’t.

The only way he can come back is by JYPE. And the one who can move JYPE is the Hottest. Please do something quick, fans."

Credit: Kor-Eng by, Source Oneday-room
Source : 2pm-online