Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rosy Business 巾帼枭雄

Actually this blog started as a blog of my reviews of shows I watch... just like YCM's title... My entertainment notebook... I know 90% of it consist of Kpop.. but still...!!! I still want to blog what I like and watched.. thus.. the labels includes Tvb Drama, TW Drama, Jdrama, Cpop etc..

keke back to Rosy Business!!!


I mean ever since 溏心風暴 Season 1 and 2... this is like the only TVB drama which makes me this excited and emotion whelmed for it... I watch TVB dramas only when I am eating at home.. I can never eat without watching TVB dramas... but but but! This drama makes me real curious about the plot and ending! The evil people in it... urgh fuckery damn evil.

WATCH THIS! I am at Ep 17 now... I only started this drama 5 days ago?