Monday, September 14, 2009

Wild Bunny Writer's Cute Attempt to get Jaebum Back

omg so cute

Wild Bunny Writer's Cute Attempt to get Jaebum Back
With the recent NYC post-it event as well as the K-Hottest protest at the JYP office in Korea, many supporters of Jaebum are doing whatever they can to get the 2PM leader back. However, Jung Eun Jung, a writer for 'Wild Bunny', a reality show featuring the boys of 2PM, has tried a different approach to try and get Jaebum to comeback.

Supporters of Jaebum have used many different tactics to try and get their one and only leader of 2PM back to Korea. From trying to stop him at the airport on the day of his departure to posting post-its on the walls of the JYP building to protesting JYPE, 'Wild Bunny' writer Jung Eun Jung has resorted to a rather intersting approach to try to get him back.

Jung Eun Jung wrote on her CyWorld today:

Park Jaebum! (translator's note: she actually spelled it "Park Jaebeum", I suspect that it's a play on his name.)
If you don't come back from Seattle right now...
That one-shot we shot where you suffered in the hot bathroom just to scare your members!
I will cut it all out!

...that's what I want to threaten you with, but...
...I'm just a writer. Hehe.

Here's the original message as well as the picture that accompanied it:


This is a rather cute attempt of blackmail to get Jaebum back. With the recent somber messages that his fellow peers have been leaving him, it's nice to see a light hearted attempt at getting Jaebum back. Hopefully this will put a smile back on the leadja's face and that when the other boys of 2PM see it, they will smile a genuine smile.