Wednesday, September 09, 2009

YG Music Service opened.

YG is selling songs at their own website(
They are selling very very high quality music (each song atleast over 30mb) in various different versions:

-AR(All recorded, the song on the cd)
-MR(Music Recorded, can hear everything but the vocals, so this is what they use on live stages)
-ACCA(Acapella, no instrumental, you can hear only the voices)
-INST(Instrumental, no vocals or choruses)
-PACKAGE(all the four in one, 13% cheaper)

Prices are high- they are around 1000-1200 won which is about a little over a dollar per version of the song. If you buy it in a package it's about 4000won(approx $4). They are planning on updating all the previous albums that YG released(which probably means like 1TYM, Jinusean etcetc). You can hear a 30sec perview of the songs. They only have Heartbreaker, Friend(TOP & Taeyang's OST album), 2NE1's first mini album and Gara Gara Go in service.

Credit : Beau@bbvipz