Thursday, October 15, 2009

random fandom

ling ding dong ling ding dong
ling diggi ding diggi ding ding ding

so fantastic so elastic


Just imagine watching their performance on any music shows then they suddenly sings out, Ding ding dong so fantastic so elastic

lulz how to not laugh !!

sidenote, one thing suck for Kmusic is band names!!!!!!!!! Like wtf.

MBLAQ = Music Boys Lives in Absolute Quality
B2ST = BEAST ? or best or what fuck again?
Shu-I = Shuai (handsome)

I don't even want to start with girl groups.... tbh, 21 sounded weird to me. All of us are already used to 2NE1.. but I'd be so "wtf is 2NE1".. if I don't listen to them.

lulz 4minute and there are 5 members?

SNSD... Girls Generation... imagine them saying the same thing 10 years later. Same goes to Super Junior. As much as I love Lee teuk. He IS old now!!!!!!!!

oh FT Island stands for Five Treasures Island anyway...