Thursday, October 22, 2009

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요 Ep 05

Faithful readers knows that I hate watching videos in chinese subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah I did because I can no longer stand the wait of english subs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ep 05 was omgz. Although IRIS is killing this drama's ratings. Iris Ep 03 aired ytd rated 29.3% while You're Beautiful Ep 05 only got themselves 9% :( :( :(

The story now is damn exciting already!!! Though w UEE's stupid extra plots....... argh.. shall not spoil you guys... go watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS : loving Shin Woo's jealousy... Mi Nam slowly falling for Tae Kyung... and Tae Kyung's concern towards Mi Nam........ oh yeah... and Jeremy's cocky-ness.

his acting here DAMN GOOD LOR!!!!!!!!

here starts Mi Nam's feelings...


Mi Nam's forever innocent face.

HAHA Jeremy still thinks Mi Nam is gay..

ending scene~~~ damn sweet laaaaaaaaaa

BTS of the bed scene!!

I dislike UEE more after watching this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

ewwwwwwwwwwww kissing scene. WHY WITH HER URGH

Ep 6~