Thursday, October 29, 2009

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요 Ep 07


The star and moon theory was damn #@%^$%$^%$^
Hong Sisters are so damn good with their script!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking up at the sky, Mi-nyeo marvels at the stars. Tae-kyung gripes, “I can barely see you. Do you think I can see the stars?” But he can see the moon.

Mi-nyeo muses, “The only star you can see is the moon.” He corrects her: the moon isn’t a star. It only reflects light, but it doesn’t have its own light like the sun. She answers, “Even so, the moon has its uses. Rather than pointlessly brightening up an already bright day, it gives light on a dark night. Isn’t that useful?”

He corrects her again: “Go Mi-nam. The reason the day is bright is because of that pointlessly bright sun.” She thinks some more, maybe a teeny bit downcast now: “Then I’m like the moon that’s just clinging to you, who’s like the sun.”

In his unsentimental way, Tae-kyung says, “But the moon isn’t useless. No matter how many other stars there are at night, all I can see is the moon.”

Looking at him, Mi-nyeo says, “Hyungnim, right now I only see one special star.” But he doesn’t pick up on her real meaning; he just answers that there are a lot of stars in the sky. As tears pool in her eyes, Mi-nyeo continues, “There are a great many of them, but this one star sparkles so brightly that I keep only seeing that star.”

Now he’s the dense one: “There’s a star like that?” Mi-nyeo: “Yes. It’s a star that many people like. If I join the great number of people who like that star, it wouldn’t be a crime, would it?”

Tae-kyung is still looking up at the sky, unaware that she’s growing more emotional: “Do you need permission to like those things? Ask the star. It should be able to see you right now.” As a tear falls, Mi-nyeo looks at him to say, “Yes. I’m looking at that star right now. Is it okay to like it?”

A car horn sounds, interrupting the moment. It causes Tae-kyung to look over, and he spots the tears on Mi-nyeo’s face. By the look on his face, it seems like he’s just becoming aware that something else is going on here… -Dramabeans

I was expecting to Tae Kyung to turn his head aft a while... luckily he turned in the end!!!!!!!!! .......and saw the tear on Mi Nam's face..........

damn Shin Woo oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is damn erm??? the shyer and kind version of Ji Hoo sunbae??? Its like he knows every single detail about whats going on w Tae Kyung and Mi Nam yet he ignores them and continue standing by Mi Nam's side. MY GOSH.


Mi Nam's dad is a writer and mum is a singer. Mum = singer? Tae Kyung's mum? Which means same mum? IMPOSSIBLE! Because they are the leads so they will end up being together.......

then Tae Kyung's mum knows Mi Nam's dad... in which he even wrote a song for her... ah damn complicating lines.

lulz scenes.
the field scene, Tae Kyung relaxing.............. LOL. his movements damn comical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lulz then the pig came. HAHAHAHAHA

so now the story is
Mi Nam obviously likes Tae Kyung and she knows it well
Tae Kyung cares for Mi Nam but not to the standard of being IN LOVE with her.. more like he is too used to Mi Nam by his side
Shin Woo likes Mi Nam! (DUH!)
Uhey likes Tae Kyung............
Jeremy likes Mi Nam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though fav OTP is Jeremy with Jolie.........

ps : 3 grandmas damn funny..........

It ended with this


Ep 08 !!!!!!!!!

LIES. Idols' dorms super small !!!!!!

AN.JELL's house!