Friday, October 30, 2009

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요 Ep 08

“My star is crying” -line of this episode

Ep 08's ending damn sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I didn't cry..

Tae Kyung's mum damn evil !!! I thought she called Tae Kyung to celebrate his birthday but yet !!!!!... she didn't know her allergy.. and she don't rmb his birth day now.


Mi Nam ah............... the part of her meeting her oppa's best friend is so cute!!! Look at Tae Kyung being real jealous...... !!! Lulz his best friend is gna be a big hit for being so cute in this episode! ...haha medical shop's future lady boss. LOL.

o.O and you girls should read this !!!!!!!!!!!!!! its damn saddening about the ratings. Its such a daebak drama yet the ratings sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! All thanks to IRIS...! I like Iris... but not as much as You're beautiful..

  • damn!! Why did the manager tell Tae Kyung that Mi Nam likes Shinwoo when its not the case???? nvm....... this makes Tae Kyung feel more jealous!

  • angst is no longer that strong in this episode!

  • the Shinwoo's fighting scene is damn fake...... I can see the cover person lor!!

  • Goo Mi Nam is too cute....................

  • Mi Nam and Tae Kyung's playing scene... the one they threw autumn leaves on each other... ahhhhhhh and when Tae Kyung told Uhey that he wasn't acting w Mi Nam.

  • The flashbacks of Shinwoo taking care of babo Mi Nam is damn touching!!!!!!!! Minam neo babo ah!

  • lulz at the manager teaching Mi Nam to do pig face when she cannot control her feelings!!


Jeremy officially likes Mi Nam....... lulz just like Coffee Prince.. he thinks that its wrong for him to like a male~~

& he is no longer afraid of the skinship w Mi Nam~~~

luving new hair cut of hongki