Sunday, December 06, 2009

GD's Shine A Light Concert : Fancam

omg godsentangel

bathtub omg

FAN ACCOUNT BY naturalhonee

- BREATHE (with the bed scene)
okay you've all seen the pics, so you know why this is a highlight. it was shocking haha i actually couldnt believe it was all happening lol but i definitely want to watch fancams back and fangirl.
just so intense.
GD might make the headlines and get criticized for it, but im happy that he put it in there. i've decided that i loved it heh

- THE LEADERS (with CL and teddy)
the first performance, so of course this makes the highlights!
CL looked really really hot. and everyone had great energy.

this was a pleasant surprise. they sang their own versions, but incorporated it into one performance. there was so much GDYB love tonight. they praised each other many times.

- LIES (GD solo)
GD played the piano - my first time seeing him play. amaaazing!!
and he sang the whole song. i guess this is what "lies" wouldve sounded like had YHS not asked GD to turn it into a bigbang song.

and i saved the best for last:

- SHE'S GONE (killing the girl)
this was so intense oh my god. it was the most memorable performance for me!
the performance started out great, and just kept getting better.
GD appeared first and rapped. Kush came in later. a girl tied to a chair came in too. as GD carried on singing, he was also aggressively trying to grab a hold of the girl. she resisted and tried to get away.
all of them left the stage mid-song, and it cuts to a video of the girl continuing to try and run away. she's in the middle of some sort of maze (you know like the one in harry potter goblet of fire?).
GD is then shown holding a knife. he catches up to her and kills her. GD smiles in a creepy way, and rubs his bloody hands all over his face. the girl is shown lying in a pool of blood. omg can you feel the intensity just reading this? maybe not. it was 10 times more powerful watching it.

- talking in between songs
just a random tidbit.
GD giggled a lot (so endearing omg). i think he was extremely nervous cos he sighed a lot too. he even asked the fans at one point "has it been fun so far? (fans respond with "yessssssss") ahh - makes a face - i don't think you found interesting (fans disagree and cheer)" so damn cute.

anyway, he basically performed all the songs on his album, plus other solo songs he's released in the past e.g. but i love you, this love.
the songs were planned out to tell a story. he sang 'boy' early on. then immediately after that song (which had lyrics like "come back to me now" ..see how the next segment fits?), he performed many old songs from when he started out in the industry (a roora song, songs when he was just a young rapper at YG).
then he went on to perform songs that came later in his career - songs that express the hardships he's had to encounter e.g. criticism and negative news, a girl breaking his heart.
there was also a video near the end dedicated to his journey as "G-Dragon". it was very touching and sweet =)

oh and shops/restaurants around seoul played a lot of songs from GD's solo album, bigbang's hallelujah & koe wo kikasete, 2NE1's solo songs (you and i, please don't go, kiss)

and more picspam