Monday, April 19, 2010

What is with you people?

HATE that Kpop is sucha low class thing now. Yes I used 'low class'. Not Kpop. The NEW fans. They are turning Kpop real cheesy. Please please stop. Before you start saying, 'Awww who and who is so handsome!!!' -inserts wrong group name- LIKE WTF? Please, if you cannot rmb his name, at least his group name please. I dare not say I know all singers from 10 years ago, but for sure I know all singers/groups ever since DBSK debuted. Esp all the new groups, I can rmb how they debuted, w what song, their debut stage and of course each of their names. I really really loathe those people who acts like they're oh so expert about certain idols and go gaga over it. SERIOUSLY. You don't know a thing. Just from you blasting a certain old song and humming to it.................... do you even know when that song came out? I am not a Kpop guru but I am definitely one when I am beside them. Its like they're boasting about Kpop when I am just beside. Cannot stand it. Today I overheard someone asking about a mv they're watching.. "Is this SHINee?" "Yes".. its Beast.

When Kpop wasn't such a huge deal 2 years back in Singapore, I used to feel like I want to share the awesome Kmusic to everyone! But ever since Nobody and Sorrysorry's fever, Kpop is so sick. Plus all the sad happenings in Kpop.. suicides, groups disbands.. law suits etc. And also, ever since SHINee visited Singapore. The cheap fever in small kids is back, I feel ashamed for them. They don't know Kpop yet they act like they know. I am so pissed.

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