Monday, April 20, 2009

090420 Big Bang's message at JVIP Fanclub

BB: Word up, we're Big BANG!
YB: Everybody at VIP Japan, I'm SOL
GD: Hello, I'm G-Dragon
TOP: Hello, I'm TOP
DS: Hello, I'm D-Lite
SR: Long time no see, I'm VI
YB: Big Bang as a group has been resting a little bit and each member has been working individually. So what have we been doing? Let's talk starting from TOP
TOP: I've been working on the drama IRIS
GD: I've been composing
SR: My movie "Why did you come to my house?" came out, so please support it.
YB: I've been resting and doing my own things
DS: I've been resting and studying Japanese
SR: This year we're gonna be promoting in Japan. We've been preparing a lot, so please wait for it.
DS: Please, give us all your support.
BB: Bye Bye!!!

Translation: [info]susifg