Monday, April 20, 2009

My poor prince

Sometimes I hate DSP Entertainment so much! (Hyunjoong's company)

Fuck them for torturing my prince.. and so what if they discovered Hyunjoong and brought him into the entertainment industry.

I can picture him enjoying his teenage life without being this busy.

  1. oh so DSP said Hyunjoong was gonna leave early to Japan to rest first and fuck that. it didnt happen.
  2. and what about the 1 month hospital stay after filming for bof?
  3. he has time to film Hotsun and Anycall cfs and many photoshoots yet no time to rest?
  4. endless fanmeetings and concerts............
  5. yada yada Hyunjoong fainted and WHAT.. he is still not getting a break?
  6. yeah yeah family vacation.. I did feel happy for him.. but when I think carefully.. yes what about SS501 Japanese album. or maybe they meant family vacation in 2010?
I bet he has enough money to RETIRE now.

Bloody hell.

You don't know how much I feel like crying as I type this.