Sunday, May 24, 2009



My Cpop craze is back. Blame MTV! Ch51!

And I just found this aweeeeesome site. When I say awesome, I really mean it! :\
Most sites I download songs from only provides a few individual download links for some songs~ 99% of them only provide the link for the entire album which I hate. Such a bother to choose the song I want then delete the rest after downloading!

This site is different because it has download links for every single song in each album! Whoa coolness and also updated with the latest Cpop albums!

And I also download Utada's This Is The One album! Read that this album got into a famous US chart! The last Japanese to enter that chart was in 198_! Whoa.

Oh and I guess the only thing suck for Cpop is that I have to rename the titles in Itunes one by one~ Argh.

Don't ask me for the link.
You know there is something called Google.